If you are a fan of microneedling, you will love this latest edition to the needling treatment options. Hydra rollers not only create micro-channels similar to microneedling, but also directly deposit your customised concotion of skin boosting essences, serums and even hyaluronic based filler is you wish.


While there are numerous clear skin and anti-aging products available, we at Aso like to see results! We love the hydraroller becuase we can create our own magical mix of essences, serums and skin boosters in the hydraroller vials, pop the microneedle roller head on and roll away...the skin boosting mix is deposited directly into the micro channels the microneedling roller creates. 


Microneedling is an incredible treatment that encourages collagen productoin naturally, while also breaking down acne sscar tissue. The fine needles make little pricks on the top layer of the skin without interfering with the integrity of your skin's structure. This triggers the body's natural self healing process, which encourages collagen production and improves skin elasticity. 

More importantly, this process allows your skin to be an effective absorption site for your favorite serums, essences and skin boosters.


The hydra roller treatment is popping up in beautician clinics everywhere, but this treatment can easily be administered at home safely. 


Celebrated by skin care professionals for it's many benefits, this skin derma-rolling tool with glass reservoir, has become extremely popular for boosting anging skin and treating acne effectively, but this treatment can easily be administered at home safely. It is also a fantastic hair loss and scalp treatment.


The HydraRoller helps to increase the absorption of skincare products, as the titanium micro-needles create micro channels that help active ingredients get deep into the epidermis, all while stimulating blood flow. The needle head delivers a generous and steady flow of the solution. Mix a few drops of different products or use it with just one. 



- Re-useable (dip the needle and rotate in alcohol to disinfect it after every use)

- Titanium Needle (medical grade)


Hydra Roller Skin Booster

  • Titanium medical grade needles

    Glass Vial


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