If you are looking for dramatic results instantly, the Formeo Hydralift is going to deliver!

Hydrolifting is the latest procedure for skin renewal, shine regeneration and moisturizing. After just one treatment you will see amazing results, without any side-effects. The results are natural, rejuvenated, fimer and 'lifted' skin that glows.


What is “Hydrolifting”?

Everyone has heard about “fillers”, and for good reason...they work wonders to 'fill-in' wrinkles, lines and 'fill-out' pouts. In recent years, innovative ways continue to develop in how fillers are actually administered and used. The hyaluron pen for example, is a safe way to create a fuller pout, smooth out smile lines, and add volume to sagging cheeks. The popular Hydrolifting treatment promises an instant face 'lift' and glow using natural hyaluronic acid, with many clinics calling the Hrdalift the “Elixir of Youth” treatment.


Can the Hydralift be used without Hyaluronic Acid?

Yes! As the depth is only reaching the epidermis, you can use the Hydralift with your favorite serums and essences. We recommend using 'skin -boosters' with the Hydralift treatment, many of which contain a mixture of hyaluronic acid, peptides, salicylic acid and other natural products that will provide amazing long term results. 


How does it work?

An innovative method of micro-injection is used during the HydroLifting procedure: microscopic droplets of the skin boosting ingredients you choose, are inserted into the skin via micro-injections. In this way, a restorative treatment is especially effective and restores deep skin layers, improving the skin’s internal moisture balance, cellular function and the ability to produce collagen. This procedure is suitable for firming wrinkled skin, reducing wrinkles, correcting darkened “bags” under your eyes, and restoring dull skin.

The result is drastically improved skin elasticity and a healthy glow.

When using hyaluronic acid, studies have shown that this procedure also stimulates the production of collagen, so after 2-3 weeks, you will notice how your facial features continue to become more youthful, fuller, and glowy.


Who is this suitable for?

The HydroLifting can be used to treat signs of aging or as an acne treatment. Depending on which ingredients you use during the treatment. Skin Boosters are ideal to use for both acne and aging, as the mix of natural ingredients found in most skin boosters treat both concerns.


Short-term post-treatment period – Due to microscopic injections, small traces of needle punctures may remain visible on the skin for a day or two, though mostly it is unrecognizable. 


How many procedures are recommended?

Depending on what ingredients you use during the treatment. If using a skin booster, you can treat the face once a month for three months or until you are happy with the results. And repeat when you feel you need a boost. If using other ingredients, you could do a treatment once a month, or as often as you feel comfortable. Get to know the ingredients you are using and go from there. 

Formeo Hydralift Meso Gun

Plug type
  • Item Type:Hydrolifting Mesotherapy Gun

    Color: White


    Input:8.4V DC/500mA Max


    Power Consumption:4W




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