Top 5 Anti Aging Products as voted by YOU!

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

The term 'anti-aging' start to sneak into our train of thought from our mid 30's...spurred by the onset of fine lines, dehydrated and dull skin, creases and lines, uneven skin tone...oh yeah and we usually are dealing with random adult acne breakouts too. Hooray.

We try switching up everything...cleansers, toners, essences, serums, moisturisers...but the results are miniscule. At ASO, we know this story all too well. While we follow all the latest trends pushed by brands, we are much more engaged with dermatology developments. Don't see much skincare on ASO? There is a reason for that. We like RESULTS. And we know that switching up your morning skincare routine isn't going to be life changing.

Our customers know it too. Here is the top 5 products, as voted by our customers, that actually work to reverse the signs of aging and slow it down!

Before we list it though, here is some advice to fast track results:

Simplify your skin care routine: There is only so much your skin can absorb, or needs, to keep hydrated and nourished. The rest is just excess.

  1. Use a gentle cleanser, regardless of your skin type. Your skin should feel soft and supple after cleansing, not tight or dry. (try Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser) Need to get that war paint off? Use a clean flannel or cloth while cleansing for a deeper clean, or try the sonic cleanser brush. Never use the same cloth twice.

  2. AHA and BHA: For skin clearing and brightening, follow up your morning routine with AHA/BHA essence.

  3. SPF: Try a gel formulation keep pores from clogging.

  4. Vitamin C: Incorporate a few drops of Vit C serum into your night time routine after cleansing for brightening and clearing.

  5. Retinol/Retinhyde/ Retin A: Follow up your VIt C with Retinol, Retinhyde, Retin A. Whatever works best for you.

  6. Hyaluronic Acid to Moisturise: Hydrate without the oil slick. Try COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream... a lightweight, super hydrating formulation.

The rest is simple....sort of.

Stay out of the sun. Get a fake tan if you want to be golden. Drink water. Being a camel is necessary now. Stop binge drinking. Your not 20 anymore. Medidate. Not the sign up for yoga classes type. The mindful meditation type. Go to bed early. Sometimes. Enjoy life. Do something that makes you happy everyday.

Now, for the TOP 5 Anti-Aging Devices according to our customers!

1. Dr Pen A6 Automated Microneedling - Best for serious collagen production, large pores and skin brightening. Average rating customer rating : 4.7 (get it here)

2. Photon LED Mask - best for brightening skin and boosting collagen production. Average rating customer rating : 4.6 (get it here)

3. Mini HIFU - Best for firming sagging skin. Average rating customer rating : 4.8 (get it here)

The Mini HIFU

4. Hydralift Meso Gun - Best for plumping and firming sagging skin and brightening. Average rating customer rating : 4.7 (get it here)

Wireless Mesotherapy Gun

5. Hyaluron Pen - A new contender! The Hyaluron Pen is used as a mild filler for plumping up lips, filling and smoothing smile lines and adding definition to cheekbones. Average rating customer rating : 4.6 (get it here)

The Hyaluron Pen

Get your hands on these top rated and reviews anti aging devices now on ASO BEAUTY and yes, it will change your life. Guaranteed.

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