The best treatments to get rid of Acne Scars

Got acne scars? You are not alone. It is hard to achieve a clear complexion when dealing with pockmarks and indentations left by acne, and while we might have won the battle against acne we still have to deal with the scars which can sometimes causes a blow to one’s self confidence. That’s why it is important to understand and know the different ways of treating and clearing up scars left by acne.

At Aso Beauty, we are always on the look out for safe, CE certified tools and devices that provide effective and permanent results to people battling acne and acne scars. Acne scar treatments in the salon or aesthetic clinic are likely to work well, but require dozens of visits and deep pockets. Below you will find a list of popular products, which get positive reviews from our customers. They may just give you the same results that expensive visits to the acne doc will give joke. And that is what we are all about here at Aso Beauty, helping you to safely be your own aesthetician!

These are acne scars treatment methods that you can use to treat your acne scars right at the convenience of your home.

Automated Micro-Needling for Acne Scars...

As the name suggests, microneedling uses fine needles that prick your skin. During the skin-pricking process, your skin produces more collagen in an effort to heal the small wounds from the needles.

The new collagen that’s formed will help smooth out your skin’s appearance, helping to fill in scars. To that end, skin needling may be used for not only acne scars but also for large pores.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, microneedling works best for depressed, or indentations...pockmarks etc... — not raised — acne scars. This has to do with the collagen-inducing effects. If you have raised acne scars, you already have excess collagen in the area.

Some studies have also noted that the effects of skin needling on acne scars are even better when the treatments are combined with vitamin C.

Unlike other minimally invasive skin corrective treatments, such as laser therapy, microneedling is considered safe for darker skin tones. This is because it doesn’t damage or remove the outer layer of skin. Microneedling is also considered safe for thin and sensitive skin as well.

One mirco-needling session at the clinic will set you back around $300. That is a pretty pricey treatment even if it does work fantasticly.

Aso Beauty is an official reseller of Dr Pen, one of the best micro-needling brands on the market and used by healthcare professionals. Get it Dr Pen Microneedling here

Picosecond Pen for Zapping Acne Scars

The Picosecond Laser Pen was originally invented for tattoo removal. But a few years ago it was revealed that researchers had tested the device, officially called a called a picosecond pulse duration laser, on 17 people who had facial acne scars. Researchers applied the laser to the patients' faces a total of six times, with the sessions at four weeks apart. Each application took between 10 and 15 minutes.

"In general, even those who had deeper scars seemed to be pleased with the results," said study author Dr. Jeremy A. Brauer, lead researcher.

The participants' scars improved by 25 to 50 percent one month after the last treatment, and the improvement was maintained after three months, as shown in photos taken before and after the treatment, the researchers said.

The researchers discovered by accident that the picosecond pulse duration laser had the potential to treat acne scarring. This occurred when they were conducting a separate trial to test the laser as a tool to remove tattoos. The investigators noticed that one patient's stretch marks and scars improved while the researchers were removing her tattoo, so they decided to see how the treatment would work on acne scars, said Brauer.

Since then, Picosend Laser Treatment for Acne Scars has boomed, with in-clinic treatments starting at around $100. Another fantastic treatment used with the Picosecond Pen is the Charcoal or Carbon Laser Treatment, which uses a thin carbon mask to absorb bacteria in pores before zapping it up with the Picosend Pen.

We sell two types of CE Certified Picosecond Pens, both which are totally saffe and offer no after treatment down time.

Firstly the PIcosecond Red Pen, is best for people who plan to do the treatment themselves. The Blue pen is a more powerful laser, and requires the person being treated to wear blackout googles, and the one administering to wear special glasses. Get the Picoseond pen here!

LED Photon Therapy Mask

Red light therapy (RLT) aims to solve skin issues by using low wavelength red light. Many experts believe that it can help with issues such as skin conditions, scarring, and signs of aging — including wrinkles and age spots.

As a study in the journal Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery notes, mitochondria in the skin cells can absorb these light particles. This can help the cells produce more adenosine triphosphate, which is the energy source for all cells.

Many experts attribute the potential positive benefits of RLT to this function. With this extra energy, the cells are able to respond better to damage and rejuvenate themselves.

There are three colours that ideal for treating acne scars, and treating acne itself.

Firstly, the RED light therapy (sometimes called LLLT or low-level laser therapy) involves emitting far infrared, lowlight wavelengths through the skin to stimulate cellular rejuvenation, increase blood flow, stimulate collagen and more. By stimulating collagen and increasing blood flow, we can fill out scars and rejuvenate the deeper dermal layers.

The blue color–wavelengths are used to kill the inflammation-causing bacteria that lead to acne, known as Propionibacterium Acnes. The blue light works in collaboration with infrared light that is also emitted during a skin treatment with the LED Mask.

The green light has a calming effect and helps to lighten hyper-pigmentation spots revealing a brighter complexion.

While using 'light therapy' may seem a bit boring, and ineffective, we encourage you to do some research into will be surprised by the clinical trials and studies researchers have done on the benefits of LED therapy! Get the mask here, CE Certified and top reviewed!

We recommend incorporating these three devices into your home skin care routine to treat acne scars, as well as fight acne and the signs of aging. For the price of one Microneedling session, you can literally invest in these top rated acne scar treatment devices and take charge of your aesthetic needs at home!

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